Sample Savvy

Being Girl Kit from Tampax
Get it here. The kit includes 3 tampons, 2 Always Ultra Thin Pads, and 2 Always Thin Liners.

Bragg Seasonings
Get it here. I have requested other samples from here and received them. They were good too!

Dream Water Bogo Coupon
Get it here. It looks like this water is supposed to help me sleep. That would be a good thing....

Natural Nutrition Cat Food
This looks like good gourmet kitty food!!

Purina Pet Food
It's baaaack!

Click here for a sample of All-Bran!

Wellness Pet Food FREE
Wellness Pet Food (Thanks Hot Coupon World!)
This one comes from Cooking Light and is sure to go fast so hurry up and sign up!

Fabulous Freebies
If a link is broken or the sample is no longer available, please leave a comment or e-mail me to let me know!
Wellness Pet Food (Thanks Hot Coupon World)
Yoplait Yogurt
Slimfast Peanut Butter Crunch snack bar *membership ID is required
Excedrin, up to $5.99
Ester-C Gummies 
Free Blockbuster Express movie! use code XU14A at checkout
Emergen-C another one!


  1. your slimfast is the link to yoplait :( lol

  2. Thanks for letting me know! The link is fixed now!

  3. I've received the being girl kit before. Its a great freebie!

  4. I love getting samples! Thanks for this great list!


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