Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Check out:Frugal Living NW for awesome deals all over the Pacific Northwest! This blog inspired me to create a blog more centered towards the eastern Oregon way of life. We walk to a different beat of the drum around here, with Pendleton's Roundup, with agriculture-centered businesses.

In Case You Didn't Already Know!

I've been told by my local Rite Aid that they will issue "ghost rain checks" whenever they are out of something. This makes it sweet when you're shopping there since a lot of Rite Aids sell out of advertised items pretty quickly. I was able to purchase the advertised Alka Seltzer Plus deal this way. I was so relieved to find out that it wasn't just a rumor that they did this since I can't stand it when I go to get a deal and there isn't any left, but I want to still receive the +UPs Rewards!
Here's a shout out to Rite Aid!

Groupon Deal! $10 for $20 From!! HOT!!

If you haven't heard of groupon yet, you're in for a treat! With Groupon, you can select your home city (or the closest one to you) and receive local offers that are usually half off or more! You can visit other cities on your account page to view offers for them too!

How it works:

1) If you haven't signed up for yet, sign up here; otherwise, login to your groupon account and in other cities, check District of Columbia, Washington D.C. for the deal.

2) Buy the deal from Groupon.

3) Select your deals from and checkout! Deals from can include toilet paper, laundry soap, shaving cream, deoderant, razors, cleaning supplies, etc. so don't wait!

4) If you received the $5 Groupon giveaway from, you can apply it to make it an even sweeter deal combined with e-coupons!

Wow! My First Blog!

Hey Eastern Oregoners and Washingtonians! Yeah, that sounds pretty cheesy, but I wanted you guys to feel at home on my blog while you learn great couponing skills, find great deals, and empower yourselves to take your financial lives back! This is a new journey for me too, besides the couponing aspect. I hope to inspire you to get those scissors and notebooks out and begin the quest for the ultimate deal while at the same time you're living healthy, green lives. On my blog, you'll see posts for awesome deals and steals, freebies, coupons, tips, and useful links to other sites. Let me start off with some of the best useful tips I've found below in the next few posts!
BTW: I'm looking for businesses and individuals who are willing to host giveaways!

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