Monday, January 31, 2011

Sample Savvy and Hot Printables! 1/31

Internet Printables
.50/2 packs of Extra gum (15 stick)
$1/1 Special K Oats & Honey
Baskin-Robbins BOGO
Arm & Hammer $4/1 Rechargeable toothbrush and more!
$1/2 Bar S Franks
$1/1 Quaker Oats Squares
TGI Friday's BOGO 
$1/1 Pampers Wipes Thick Care

Freebies and Samples
Maybelline FitME foundation
Origins Plantscription
Bath & Body Works candle
Free Book: Dr. James Dobson, Dads & Daughters

Thanks Frugal Living NW, Coupon Geek

Emigrant Springs State Park: Review

Saturday morning my family packed up to meet my sister's family (sadly only her husband and 2 of their boys could make it since one of them was very sick), and other friends' families. Our destination? Emigrant Springs State Park. It's a campground situated off I-84 just far enough that the sound of passing semis doesn't interfere with the natural sounds of wilderness. The park offers tent sights, trailer/RV sights, hike-to tent sights, horseback trails with appropriate camping sights, and cabins. We rented a cabin since it's January. There's really too much snow for tent camping and even though the park plows a few sights for trailer accessibility, we would've had to lay our tent on top of cold black top. The cabin was more than what I expected. If I had thoroughly read my confirmation receipt, I'd have know that it had a gas stove/oven on the porch, electricity, heating, and a mini fridge. I left my laptop power cord at home because I didn't know there was electricity there, so I only had enough battery power to last through two movies (one for the kids while we drank beer by the fire, and the other movie was for me and Bob). Oh well, I needed a new stove anyways (we bought a new one for this trip), since our previous one broke. The cabin itself was very comfortable and well-heated. I love cabins and natural wood just sets the right mood for "cozy". The only thing that was uncomfortable were the mattresses, which were pretty thin, but not horribly thin. I would suggest bringing your own air mattress for the beds on the floor. They can be laid on top of the existing mattresses, other than the top bunk. The plus side to these mattresses is that they are covered in vinyl and therefore are waterproof and don't have other peoples' know I'm kind of a germ freak, right? Well, here's the low-down on everything:

Click here to view specifics about the park and reserve your spot.
Rustic cabin cost: $39 + $8 reservation fee = $47
Cabin comes with 1 full-size bed and one bunk (twin on top and full on bottom), small table w/4 chairs, mini fridge, heater, stove/oven combo, electricity, one rug, trash can, broom, and lighting. You will need to provide sheets, blankets, and pillows. Our cabin was big enough to place at 2 more cots on the floor and the beds are far enough off the ground that we could slide our suitcases underneath them.

Fire pit, picnic table, water spigot, bbq provided.
The camp also has flushing toilets and showers available that are just a short hike from the cabins.
Location: Just before Meacham exit off I-84 in Eastern Oregon. It's about 25 miles from La Grand, and 20 minutes from Pendleton high up in the Blue Mountain range. There are a variety of activities offered in the summer, but still sledding, snowmobiling, and other winter opportunities nearby.
Recommendation: I highly recommend this for the value received. The cabin takes the headache out of a lot of things that come with camping, and when it's cold outside, the last thing I want to is to have a problem with my tent. The kids had plenty to keep themselves busy with outside and the park is very well-maintained. The park's ranger was extremely pleasant and friendly. Overall, we were all completely satisfied with our first stay at Emigrant Springs State Park.

Camper's Skillet Breakfast

Nothin' feels better than filling your belly with good food when you're camping. This weekend, I had planned on making banana pancakes using my dad's Mountain Man Baking Mix. The problem? I forgot to bring the mix!, well at least I had everything to make THIS! Our cabin had a gas stove on the porch that included an oven, so I made some crescent rolls to go with breakfast too! Let me know what you think of this recipe!

2 TBSP olive or cooking oil (I used canola)
4 medium Yukon/gold potatoes, diced
1/2 medium sweet onion, diced
2 tsp. southwestern spice mix (I used Pampered Chef's mix, my fave)
4 eggs
1/2 package Virginia ham (I used Oscar Mayer's in the tub), sliced
handful of fresh baby spinach, chopped

Heat the oil in your skillet on medium high. Add potatoes, onions, and seasoning and cook until tender. Crack eggs over the potato mix so that they look like fried eggs on top. Cook until eggs are done to desired consistency (I like mine all the way done). Add ham and spinach and cook until spinach is just withered, but heated through. You may cover this too, but I didn't need to. Everything cooks so it is like a casserole from a skillet. I didn't add any salt. It didn't need any!

Cheesy Cornchip Casserole

I threw this together for a quick meal last night after getting back from our camping trip. It was crunchy, cheesy, and had just the right blend of everything to make kids and adults love it!

Preheat your oven to 400.
Spray 9x13 casserole dish with nonstick spray.
Layer the pan with corn chips (just enough to cover the bottom)
Then, add ingredients in this sequence:
2 cups prepared rice (brown or jasmine)
1 small can mushrooms
1/2 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar
corn chips or corn tortillas (again, just enough to cover)
1 (15 oz) can of corn
rest of diced tomatoes
1 small can sliced olives
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar

Bake for about 20-25 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Serves about 6-8 people.

*Note: If you don't want the fat/calories from all of that cheese, just reduce it to what you're comfortable with.

Menu Plan Monday 1/31-2/6: Light Fare and Superbowl!

Hopefully, I'll have my stuff more together this week, since I kind of screwed up last week's menu plan by forgetting that we were going to be gone for 2 days on a camping trip! This week's menu is going to be light fare and of course there's going to be some game day faves too! I hope you enjoy these recipes and stop by to see her full menu plan as well! Also, don't forget, if you haven't already, sign up for the Full Size Giveaway! It's still got pretty low entry numbers!

Served with spinach salad and curried brown rice
This looks so good, but I'm gonna try it with legs instead, since I don't have any thighs handy! 

How can it get any lighter than this? 

Wednesday: Fend for Yourself Night

This recipe has inspired me to try to think of my own recipes to make this way.

Friday: Undecided: I might make something new that I can post in  a future plan!

Saturday: Dinner at The Olive Garden in celebration of our anniversary a month ago! This is our favorite restaurant! But of course, I'll be using a coupon I clipped a couple of weeks ago!

Sunday: Game Day!! Who're you goin' for? Me? I'm a little undecided since my team (Seahawks) has a history with both teams! 
Beef nachos
Lil smokies smothered in bbq sauce
Alicia's Healthified Greek Layered Dip (for moi) with pita chips
deli wraps

In case anyone is wondering, that Tri-tip with sundried tomatoes and feta was PHENOMENAL!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

$10 for $20 or $15 for $30 at Bath & Body Works' Online Store

Have you used Groupon before? If not, you're missing out on some pretty great deals! Even if your city isn't listed (mine's not), chances are there is a city listed that is within at least a few hours of you where you can take advantage of walk-in offers. There are also online offers, like this one from Bath & Body Works:
$10 gets you $20 worth of product OR
$15 gets you $30 worth of product

All you need to do is go to Groupon and sign up. If this deal isn't available for the city you selected, click on "Change Location" and select Seattle. I'm pretty sure this is a nationwide deal though. After you have made your purchase through Groupon, you will be given a code that you copy and paste into  the promotion code box at the online store with Bath & Body Works. If you'd like additional savings, shop through then search for Bath & Body Works there. By doing that, you will earn 3% cashback! 

This post may contain affiliate links, which support this blog. Thank you for your support!

Mamapedia: Free Parents Magazine Subscription

Get a free Parents Magazine subscription by signing up with Mamapedia. You'll get a $5 credit, which you can use towards the $5 subscription, which makes it free! Since I already receive this magazine, I'm not using my credit on this deal. I'm guessing it is similar to Groupon though. 
After making your purchase, you'll get a code you use in your shopping cart when you go to the provided link for the subscription.

The Mountain Man's Baking Mix for pancakes, waffles, and biscuits

The Mountain Man's Baking Mix
for pancakes, waffles, and biscuits

My dad's baking mix is the same mix he's been using for years, and it really is the best from-scratch mix I've had. What I like about it is that it can be prepared in a storage container or bag ahead of time so it's ready right when I need it. I made the pancakes yesterday for lunch, and they were really great! They were a piece of cake, no pun intended! I know, that was a terrible non-joke! Well let me get to the recipe itself. You'll notice there's no sugar in this one. He says that the sugar interferes with the taste of the actual food. I made mine without the sugar and they were fine, but if you have to have it in yours, don't add more than 1 tablespoon for each cup of flour.

This mix makes about (4) 5" pancakes or 2 large waffles, so double, triple, or whatever you need to do for your family.
1 c flour (whole wheat, white, or combination)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp baking soda
* If you need to, you can substitute the tartar and baking soda for 1 tsp of baking powder.
Whisk ingredients in a bowl until thoroughly combined.

For pancakes add:
1 beaten egg
2 TBSP cooking oil
3/4 c milk

For waffles add:
2 beaten eggs
2 TBSP cooking oil
3/4 c milk

For biscuits add:
2 TBSP cooking oil
3/4 c milk

My dad says to: Stir with a rubber/silicone spatula until just mixed. Don't overmix. It's okay to have some lumps in there (mine had plenty, but it didn't matter). Make sure you have enough milk so that when you pour it into the waffle iron, it just pours. It shouldn't be thick enough to need to spread it. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wino Wednesday: Merlot

Should I try it? I'm not sure if I'll like it. It might be too bold for me. I won't like it. These might be some of the things going through your head when you want to try a red, but eventually talk yourself out of buying one because you don't know much about reds (other than the cheap gross one your buddy gave you in college). The truth is, red wine really is an acquired taste, so here's a really great one to start you off: Merlot. Merlot can taste woodsy, fruity, and nutty all at the same time. It is usually dry, but a little sweeter than other reds. It complements dark chocolate...well it must be good if it goes down well with that, right? This merlot in particular is very mild, perfect for the beginner, but artful enough for the masters! Smoking Loon Merlot is by far my absolute favorite of the merlots because of its versatility and mildness (some reds give me headaches). I bought this bottle at Safeway for $7.90, but it is cheaper if you purchase 6 bottles of any wine. Do you have a favorite merlot? I'd love to hear what your favorite is. If you've ever tried this, what did you think of it?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sample Savvy and Hot Printables!

Printable Coupons

$5/1 Purina Pro Plan pet food
BOGO Nestle Nesquick 16 oz. flavored milk
$1/1 Fritos valid at Walgreens
$1.50/1 Wholly Guacamole
$1/1 Kraft cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia
$1/1 Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat Prints 2 coupons for this value, plus you can print 2 sheets
$1/1 Voskos Greek Yogurt

Free Samples

Shout Color Catcher
Dentek Floss Picks
Lactaid Fast Act
Cover Girl Nature Luxe
Laderma Medicated Foot Cream
Maggi Soup


Pediasure or Pediasure Sidekicks, 4-6 pack

Valentine's Giveaway Extravaganza! is having their Valentine's Day Giveaway Extravaganza worth over $500! Prizes include:

Extravaganza Contest #1 - $100 Gift Card to Vera Bradley!!!
Extravaganza Contest #2 - $50 Gift Card to ProFlowers/Red Envelope!

Extravaganza Contest #3 - $100 Gift Card to Plastic Jungle!!
Extravaganza Contest #4 - Orient Automatic Watch ($135 Value!!)
Extravaganza Contest #5 - Perricone Top Rated Wrinkle

Just stop by using this link and follow the rules! It should be in a flashy banner on the main page!

Don't forget to read my personal interview with Nathan Engels (Mr. Coupon) himself! He is one of the extreme couponers who was featured in TLC's new show "Extreme Couponing" a few weeks ago! BTW: I have heard through the grapevine that TLC will be doing more shows!

Good Luck!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday January 24th-January 30: Easy Crock Pot Nights

This week, I am going to try making every dinner in my trusty crock pot. It never does me wrong, and is always there to help me when I need it. LOL...really, I'm just challenging myself to see if I can do it! Can you? Make sure you stop by for her famous and delicious recipes in her Menu Plan Monday! She's my inspiration for planning my meals out weekly!

Don't forget to check out my giveaways too! I'm giving away a tutu to two lucky winners and am giving away almost $60 in full-sized products! Make sure you follow the rules gals and guys!

Monday: Cauliflower Cheese Soup (UPDATE) I think this is a soup that needs to cook in the crock on high for more than 6 hours. I'm thinking like 8-10. I thought 4 hours would be enough on high, but the vegies were still crisp after 4 hours. Also, I added a bottle of Michelob Ultra Cactus Lime to it instead of 2 cups of broth. It was VERY yummy!
Even though this recipe is made for stove top cooking, I think it will work well in the crock pot, I will just be adjusting the time.

Tuesday: Macaroni and Cheese

Wednesday: Fend for Yourself Dinner

Thursday: Sundried Tomatoes and Feta Tri-Tip
I found tri-tip at Fiesta Foods here, and although a little more costly than I would normally pay, this will be the "expensive" dinner for the week. I picked up the sundried tomatoes last week at Safeway when they were on sale for $1.50 per bag.

Friday: Clean Out the Pantry Minestrone Soup

Saturday: Melt in Your Mouth Slow Cooker Beef  (UPDATE) I forgot that we are going on an overnight snow run this day and Sunday, so no crock pot! However, I will be experimenting with some campfire recipes! Check back later for those!
with Roasted Potatoes and Tomatoes

Sunday: Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

Tip: If you have leftovers that are even small enough to feed one person, save them. That way, all you need to do when you've found yourself to be alone one night, you don't need to cook...unless you enjoy gourmet cooking for yourself.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Easy Cards to Make!

My friend over at 2 Ducky Designs makes the cutest cards! I love how easy they are to make and cards are a lot cheaper to make than buying them in the store. Handmade cards also let the recipient know you care enough to spend time on the card. They reflect personality, warmth, love, and a caring attitude. Check out some of her designs, including some of these! Follow her so you will know when she posts other great designs!

Some Fun Things To Do

Walmart Stores Sampling Event (yes, even in Hermiston!)
Home Depot Classes
Do-It-Herself: Interior Painting Made Easy
Tile: The Right Looks and Tools for the job
Bath Makeover: Redo and Renew your bath for less
Closet and Storage Solutions
Replacing and Refinishing Cabinets
Trac Center, Tri-Cities
Sportsmen Show January 21-23
Family Expo January 22-23

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!

Sample Savvy and Hot Printables!

$1.00/1 Sate Fair Product
Free 2 oz. Carried Away Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works
Beech-Nut Baby Food
Beech-Nut Stage 4 Welcome Kit! (Thanks Coupon Pro Blog)
20% off Big Lots Printable! (Thanks Coupon Geek!)
Toys R Us and Babies R Us Printable Coupons
Toys R Us Printables!! (Thanks Printable Coupon Spot!)
$10/$30 Office Max Printable! (Thanks Frugal Living NW!)
True Lemon Free Sample!
Eucerin Free Sample!
Right at Home Fresh Start Gift Pack!
One package of Ziploc® Zip’n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags 
One box of Ziploc® Brand Snack Bags
Free Sample of Roger's Gourmet Coffee
All You Printable Coupons
$1/1 Quaker Life Soft Baked Bars
$1/1 any Rimmel Item
Free birds Eye Steamfresh Item wyb any Mrs. Pauls or Van de Kamp's item
BOGO Vitamin Water
$1/1 Hidden Valley Salad Kits
$.50/1 any New Hostess SmartBakes Streusel Cakes
$1/1 Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, or treatment
BOGO individually wrapped Greenies Dental Chew
$1/1 Garneir Fructis Style Product
$8/2 Select Mickey Mote compatible titles
$.55/1 Vlassic pickels, peppers, or relish, any size
$.75/1 Nestle Crunch or Butterfingers Hearts bag, any size
$1/1 Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff shampoo
$1.50/1 Nestle Fun Size Valentine exchange Pack (21 oz)
$1/1 Wonka SweeTarts Lollipops bag

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grow Green onions in Your Kitchen, in the Winter!

Did you know you could be growing your own green onions in your kitchen window? I have only purchased two bunches of green onions in the past 4 months, and its because I am growing my own right in my kitchen! Since these usually have roots attached to them, growing them is simple. All you have to do is put them in a glass of water and place them in your window so they get lots of light! Make sure you keep an eye on the water level too! Green onions grow pretty fast. You'll notice they've gain significant height after about 2 days. Here's some others this may work with. Does anyone know of any other vegies or herbs this method works with?

Safeway Deals January 19 - 25

All final prices are assuming you can double at your store. If you can't double, add .50 for each coupon. If a coupon can't be doubled, the final price will include the acronym DND (Do not double). Make sure you pick up the new coupon book! Happy shopping! There are some great deals this week!

Fresh Express salad $.99
- .55/1 IP

Starkist Tuna $.59
- $.50/1 All You, February

Kraft singles $1.99 with in-ad Q
-  $.75/1 SS 1/9

Chinet plates and cups $1.99 with in-ad Q
- $1/1 IP

Silk Milk $1.99 with in-ad Q
- $1/1 IP

All laundy detergent $3.99
- $1.50/1 SS 1/16

Del Monte Fruit Naturals $.99
- $1/3 RP 11/7
$.49 each

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2
- $.75/1 SW football book

Hefty plates or cups $2
- $1/1 SW football book

Refresh Soda, 2 liter $.67
- $1/4 SW football book
$.42 each, DND

Snack Artist chips $1.99
- $.50/1 SW football book
$1.49, DND

Thanks Frugal Living NW for match ups!

Rite Aid and Upromise Have Partnered!!

This is fantastic news! Rite Aid has partnered with Upromise so that when we shop at Rite Aid using our Wellness+ card, we can earn up to 1-5% back on great brands! There are also eCoupons too that can be redeemed using your card! If you're unfamiliar with Upromise, it's a great way to save up for college for your kids! The percentage you earn back goes into a college savings account. You can even in other ways, with online shopping through partnered sites, like Target.
Sign up for Upromise here and then register your Wellness+ card!
UPromise - How Smart Parents Save for their Kid's College Education

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tip Day: In the Car

Along the road to Portland (a 3 hour drive for me), a lot of things can happen if you're not prepared when you have kids. Let's face it, things can happen when you're sure you're only going to run a 15 minute errand too! In this week's tip's we're going to discuss cheap ideas to help you have a successful trip no matter how long it takes you to get to your destination! Feel free to post your own ideas and links, just no spam, fact, I'd really like to hear them!

What's in my console?
Wet Ones (Get the trial sizes and use $1/1 Walmart IP or .75/1 IP Make sure the wording doesn't exclude travel or trial sizes.
Johnson and Johnson Travel First Aid Kit These are usually pretty cheap at Walmart, and if you're lucky enough to come by a $1/1 coupon, use it! These are small and fit perfectly into your dash or console!
Tampons, panty liners, and pads (I like to keep at least 3 tampons and liners, and just one pad). The pad can be used for soaking up big spills too!
Barf bags I got mine from the hospital for free. I had a couple of surgeries last year, and for some reason they sent these home with me! You can use regular old brown paper bags too! I found out the hard way a couple of years ago that car sickness can strike ANY time when you have kids!
Canvas tote I put mine in between the dash and console in the middle, where most people put their plastic drink consoles. I didn't like very much making a turn and having the dang thing tip over with my coffee in it! My tote is big enough to hold water bottles, AC plugs, my purse and more. It is about a medium size. These are pretty cheap around the fall and spring, so if you wait for them to go on clearance, you score extras for your house! Don't pay more than $5 for one.
Small store plastic bags for trash (free)
Activity car kit I made these for my nephews, nieces, and my 4 year old for Christmas. Each cost only $5-6 to make! At Big Lots, I just looked around and found color-on character puzzles, markers, pens, stickers, small notebooks, etc. that young kids like to do. I found some pretty cute plastic zip bags with pockets in them to organize them. I added a pencil sharpener and colored pencil set I got at Office Max for only 10 cents each in the fall for my older nephew. These were a huge hit!
Envelopes, pen, pencil, small notebook
Gum (I clip my candy/gum coupons from the inserts when I get them and carry the envelope with me so I have a coupon if I need to buy gum at a minute's notice)
Cough drops These are free at Safeway right now, but the sale will end today. Double .50/1 SS insert to make them free!
Gerber tool Even a cheap one will do when you need one!
Nail Clippers and file
Packing Tape I hate it when I get to the post office and have to buy packing tape because I forgot mine.
Bottle of Tylenol or Aleve Come on, people, I really don't need to explain why I'd need these with 4 kids in the car, do I?

So what are your handy things you always have in the care with you?

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rite Aid Deals 1/16 - 1/22

Rite Aid can be confusing when first learning how to use their system, but it is worth paying attention to!
First, there's the matter of the +UPS rewards.
This is a monetary reward that prints out on the bottom of your receipt after you've paid for purchases. Not everything you buy will get you a +UPS reward, only the items advertised will get you the reward. You can then tear or cut the rewards off of your receipt and use them towards future transactions. Normally, the limits are stated in the advertisement, but sometimes they are not, which may or may not be a store or corporate issue. I suggest bringing it to the cashiers attention so you can get your reward.

Next, you need to learn about Single Check Rebates. This is a reward received in the form of a check. You purchase items that are advertised for a Single Check Rebate, enter it in the system, either online or by mail, and at the end of the advertised month, request your check, which will be mailed to you. SCR's are only available during the time they are offered.

This is a program in which you watch videos (15 seconds - 3 minutes for most). After you watch the videos, you will get a credit or coupon value that you can then print. These coupons are awesome, since they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. At the end of each advertising month, new coupons come out, and the old offers go away, so it is wise to watch all of them. Once you've watched them, the offer is saved and you can print the coupon as long as its not expired. There is usually a coupon that can be printed after watching so many videos, usually 20, but this month you can earn a coupon for $4/$20 purchase by watching all of the videos under the "Beauty" tab, which is only around 14 videos. There are also videos for $1 under the "Special Offers" tab that can be combined with the Rite Aid coupons and total purchase coupons.

In order to get the best price, you need to sign up for Wellness Rewards. This can be done either online or at the store. There is a point system that allows you to earn points based on how much you've spent. I think its one point/dollar, but not sure, and not sure if these are accrued before coupons or not (I think they're before coupons are deducted). Once you've hit particular thresholds, you earn shopping passes and discounts. This is a must-have if you are going to shop at Rite Aid, because most, if not all, of their advertised prices are only valid with your Wellness account. Rite Aid will also send you special offers by email that are available to members only. There are other perks too! Get familiar with the program when you sign up just in case I missed something!

Resolution Rewards, these items are marked in the list with an *. Good on purchases up to January 22. 
Each week that you spend $100 on certain items, you get a $20 reward. The amount you've spent is shown at the bottom of your receipt so you can easily keep track of how much you've spent. I'm not sure when these end, since while I'm writing this post, Rite Aid's website won't open up, but I'll post as soon as I get in!

The last thing you need to know is that it is wise to keep their policy with you when you shop. That way, if their are discrepancies, you can back your position up with the facts. Read through the one page document thoroughly so that you're familiar with all of their policies.

So...with much are this week's deals!

Proctor and Gamble Promo (buy $30 worth of select product and get $10 +UP)
There is a limit of 2 per household.

Gillette or Old Spice Body Wash, Old Spice Fresh Collection or Red Zone Body Spray, Gillette or Old Spice Fresh Colletion or Red Zone Deoderant $3.97
- BOGO Body Spray PG 12/26 and
- $1/1 Old Spice Deoderant P& G Everyday Savings Booklet and
- FREE Old Spice Body Wash wyb deoderant PG 12/26
OOP as low as $1.48 each!

Prilosec OTC 42 ct. $24.97
- $3.00/1 PG 12/26
Buy 2 and submit for $25 MIR (Mastercard Gift Card)

Buy 2 Prilosec OTC $49.94 and
2 body sprays and
2 Old Spice body wash
- 2 x $3.00/1 Prilosec OTC and
- 2 x $1.00/1 deoderant and
- 2 x FREE Old Spice body wash wyb deoderant and
- $4/$20 purchase VV and
- $1/1 Wellness VV
OOP = $44.88 PLUS GET BACK $20 in +UPs and after submitting receipt for Prilosec Mail in Rebate, it's like getting everything for free!

Check out My Beautiful Frugal Life for more scenarios!

If you use the $20 in +UP rewards to purchase the following products, you pay next to nothing for those, and you will still get more +UPs for future transactions! For example, if I bought just the minimum shown in the scenarios below, the total out of pocket would be $14.95. So just find cheap fillers or things that you need that don't have coupons that will bring the total to $20 and use both of the $10 +UPs rewards on the transaction to get everything for FREE! If you used this exact scenario, you would leave the store with $13.00 more in +UPs!!!! Now that's a deal!

+UP Rewards

*Halls cough drops 20-25 ct or Defense 30 ct. 2/$3.00
- .50/1 SS 1/2 or
- .50/1 All You, February issue
stack with
- .50/1 VV or
- .50/1 VV December
OOP = $.50 Plus
Get $1.00 +UP wyb2

*Zantac 24-30 ct. $7.99
- $5.00/1 IP
OOP = $2.99 Plus
Get $2.00 +UP

Viactiv calcium or multivitamin chews $6.00
- $3.00/1 SS 1/16
OOP = $3.00 Plus
Get $3.00 +UP

Boiron Chestal or Children's Chestal 4.2 oz. - online price starts at $6.99, BOGO
buy 2
- (2) $1.50 RP 1/24
OOP = $2.99 Plus
Get (2) $2.00 +UPs

Caltrate Calcium supplement - online prices start at $8.49, BOGO
- (2) $2.00/1 RP 1/2 and
- $2/1 VV
OOP = $2.49 Plus
Get $2.00 +UP wyb2

Clearasil Skin Care Products, starting at $5.49
- $2/1 IP and
- $2/1 in ad Q
OOP = $1.49 Plus
Get $1.00 +UP

*Dixie Ultra Plates - online prices start at $4.49, BOGO
Buy 4
- $3.00/2 VV
- $2/2 VV December
OOP = $.99

Thanks My Beautiful Frugal Life and Frugal Living NW for some of the coupon matchups!!
I  only highlighted the best deals from the ad. For a complete list, go to I Heart Rite Aid.

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!

Princess Tutu Giveaway

I am giving away two of these tutus!

It's pretty simple to enter! Just follow these REQUIRED steps.
1) Follow me using either Networked Blogs or Google Friend
2) Then sign up for emails! The email subscription box is located in the upper right hand corner underneath the title. Leave a comment letting me know that you've done this, or have previously done this.
3) Leave a comment anywhere else on my blog. Please! No spamming! I reserve the right to remove spam! If your comment is left as Anonymous, you will not be entered since I will have no way of contacting you if you are the winner!

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Menu Plan Monday January 17th - 23rd: Mexican Fare and Make-Ahead Meals

I don't know why I have a hankerin for Mexican food this week. As I was browsing through recipes, they were just...calling to me, so I picked 'em! usually has really scrumptious recipes on her blog, so make sure you check out her Menu Plan Monday and some of the other bloggers who have linked up to her post for more great recipes to inspire you! Some of these cost a little more money than I usually spend, but the taste is well worth it. Most of the recipes are pretty affordable. Make sure you check out the Chicken Posole recipe that costs under $5 to make!

Monday: Lemon and Garlic Roast Chicken with green salad and Jasmine Rice

Tuesday: Brown Sugar Meatloaf with brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and bread machine rolls (Thanks mom for the bread machine!)
I'll be making the meatloaf earlier in the day, then my husband can pop it in when he gets home!

Wednesday: Homemade Chicken Enchiladas - this is my adapted recipe from my sister-in-law.
This too, will be made ahead and I'll be making extra so I can freeze some for a later meal in a couple of weeks!

Thursday: Fend for Yourself Day!

Friday: Tortellini Spinach Tomato Soup with Spinach Berry Salad
This soup looks so yummy I can hardly wait until Thursday to eat...umm...make it!

Saturday: Smoked Cheddar Cheese Tamales, beans, and brown rice

Sunday: Chicken Posole and salad

If you like any of these recipes and want to know when I post more of them, make sure you check out the Foodies tab under the title in the tabs! The best way to stay in the know for my blog is to subscribe to the emails! You can do this by entering your email address in the white box in the upper right hand corner! I'm so glad you stopped by! Let me know if you would like to know more about these recipes!

Spinach Berry Salad

Spinach Berry Salad
This is probably one of the easiest and healthiest salads I have ever made, and it is incredibly delish! Just gather enough to make the quantity you want to make! When I make this using packaged spinach in the bag, it makes enough to feed about 8 people.

You need: 
Baby spinach leaves
about 1-2 cups Fresh strawberries, sliced (you can use any red berry)
Creamy raspberry vinaigrette (my fave is Auntie Annie's)

Mix spinach and raspberries together in a large bowl and add the dressing to taste, then toss! Voila!

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas
I adapted this recipe from one I had at my sister-in-law's house about 11 years ago! It is always a family favorite and my husband's been askin for it!

You need:
3 cooked and shredded boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 cup cooked brown rice
2 small cans sliced olives
2 small cans sliced mushrooms
1 small can green chilis (or jalepenos if you like spicy)
4 cups monterey jack cheese
1 (15 oz) can green chili enchilada sauce
10 flour tortillas

To make:
Preheat oven to 350 and spray a large casserole pan 9x13 or larger with cooking spray. In a large bowl, mix chicken, rice, olives, mushrooms, chilis, half of sauce, and 2 cups of cheese thoroughly. Fill tortillas to desired fullness. Transfer to pan. Pour remaining sauce over the tops of the enchiladas. Cover with remaining cheese. Bake until hot and bubbly for about 30 minutes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cooldiaps Free Sample!!

Cooldiaps is giving free samples away! Their cute designs on diapers will hit Toys R Us stores January 26th, but you can get a free sample here!Cooldiaps sample

Tuesday Tip Day

I thought is would be nice to have a weekly tips post with short, easy tips from everything like teaching a kid to tie shoes to how to peel an egg! For this, you can contribute too! Here are the rules: Just make your tip relevant to the weekly topic. So, if the weekly topic is baking tips, your tip needs to be about baking. Also, if you host a website or blog that has tips, feel welcome to include your url address in your comment. PLEASE no spamming! I will remove comments that are spam, including ones that have weird websites that are only intended for one to make money off of. So...let's start tipping!

This week's topic is....drum tips!
Image from Dreamstime

Peeling an egg can be time consuming and downright hair pulling and frustrating! My husband's best friend gave me a great tip one day on peeling eggs when he was visiting us. Just add some oil (I add about 2 TBSP) to the water and while they are boiling, the oil will get under the shell. Dip them in a bowl or sink full of ice water so that the egg will shrink inside (heat causes it to expand). Then when you peel the egg, she shell just slides right off after you crack it!

One of the problems I have in the kitchen is converting measurements. The last thing I need when I'm baking is to be guessing if I'm converting correctly or not (baking is NOT my forte). Here's a great conversion chart you can print out and keep on your frig!

One thing I do when I'm making a new recipe is gather all of the measuring cups and spoons I'll need beforehand. That way if I have sticky hands, I don't get gunk all over my drawers and other utensils while looking for the right size.

If you run out of eggs for a recipe, you could substitute 2 tbsp of mayonnaise.
Speaking of substitutions: Here's a great substitution chart.

Now it's your turn! Which tips have gotten you through some problems in your cooking life? PLEASE!! Add to the list! We'd love to hear from you! Were any of these tips helpful?

Artichoke and Spinach Dip: YUM!

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

This recipe has been passed down from my mom, who got it from my sister's sister-in-law, who got it from her mother-in-law! It is by far the best dip I have ever eaten, and I could definitely sit down with a box of crackers and eat the entire pan all by myself! I'll follow up with a picture tonight!

1 jar/can (12-14 oz) artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
2 cups spinach leaves, rinsed
8 oz cream cheese
1 cup parmesen cheese
1/2 c mayo
1/2 c sour cream
1 tsp garlic powder
1 roma tomato, chopped

Preheat oven to 350. Combine artichokes and spinach in a food processor and chop (you can also just chop these by hand). Put mixture in large bowl. Add remaining ingredients, except tomato and mix until all ingredients are combined with an electric mixer. Pour into 9x13 pan. Top with tomato. Bake for 30 minutes.
Serve with baguette, crackers, chips, or vegies.

If you like this recipe, check out my other recipes on the "Foodies" tab! Make sure you subscribe to my emails if you want to be notified when there is a new post!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rite Aid Money Maker!!

Maalox Tablets, 35 ct $4.49
Buy 1
Use $5/1 SS 1/9
Get $2 SCR!!
FREE + $2 Money Maker after rebate!
(Thanks Frugal Living NW!!)

How would you like a chance to meet Laura from in NYC?

How would you like a chance to meet me in NYC
I know I sure would like to meet her! Plus, I'd get to take a friend! Oh ya! I'd also get $500 to spend at The Container Store! I know I could definitely put that to good use! So how bout it? All you have to do is sign up to follow her at OpenSky(where her store is at)! When you sign up to do that, she'll send an email out every now and then with a really good organizing tip along with a discount code for up to 50% off! She just needs 10,000 followers to draw out a name for the winner! You might also want to sign up for her amazing giveaway of some super sweet organization tools and a really cute apron!

Menu Plan Monday January 10th - 16th: Game Night and Simplicity


This week the only really important thing going on besides the usual ever-important daily goings on, is
We're not excited or anything here....
So, tonight we're having finger food and pizza!
Here's my list of essentials:
  • frozen Tombstone pizza
  • cut vegies and fruit
  • nachos with all the fixings
  • chips and Artichoke and Spinach Dip GOT IT! (I'm hoping to get the recipe in time to make my sister's mother-in-law's recipe). It is to-DIE for!!
  • Lil Smokies from the Crock
I got got pork spare ribs from Safeway last week for $1.99 per pound, and they'll be so easy to broil when I get back from class! I love homemade bbq sauce, so I'm gonna try out a recipe that looks really great!
add a salad and Jasmine Rice to make it a complete meal!

I discovered last week that my Pre-Calculus class is going to actually run the entire length of class, so it will be the latest two night of the week. In honor of this...LOL...Wednesday's are now Leftovers Night (or fend for yourself night).

I still have a freezer bag of frozen turkey leftovers I need to use up, so I'm going to use this recipe that Laura on used in her menu a couple of weeks ago. 


Homemade Pizza Night
Here's a great recipe for a crust from Smitten Kitchen
I'll get some help from the kiddos and everyone can put their own toppings on it! The nice thing about that is that I can have my favorite toppings: spinach, tomatoes, bacon, and alfredo sauce! This is also the perfect way for me to use up an open jar of spaghetti sauce that wasn't completely used up last week!

You didn't think I'd forget about the 
Seahawks vs. Bears Playoff Game did ya?
Dinner will be simple...maybe some bear or somethin....
No really, I think we'll have some Homemade Clam Chowder, since it's the hubs favorite dinner, then add some yummy dinner rolls and salad. 

Make sure you stop by I'm An Organizing Junkie to check out her week's menu and where I got the idea for posting my weekly menu!
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