Saturday, October 30, 2010

Groupon Deal! $10 for $20 From!! HOT!!

If you haven't heard of groupon yet, you're in for a treat! With Groupon, you can select your home city (or the closest one to you) and receive local offers that are usually half off or more! You can visit other cities on your account page to view offers for them too!

How it works:

1) If you haven't signed up for yet, sign up here; otherwise, login to your groupon account and in other cities, check District of Columbia, Washington D.C. for the deal.

2) Buy the deal from Groupon.

3) Select your deals from and checkout! Deals from can include toilet paper, laundry soap, shaving cream, deoderant, razors, cleaning supplies, etc. so don't wait!

4) If you received the $5 Groupon giveaway from, you can apply it to make it an even sweeter deal combined with e-coupons!

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