Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow! My First Blog!

Hey Eastern Oregoners and Washingtonians! Yeah, that sounds pretty cheesy, but I wanted you guys to feel at home on my blog while you learn great couponing skills, find great deals, and empower yourselves to take your financial lives back! This is a new journey for me too, besides the couponing aspect. I hope to inspire you to get those scissors and notebooks out and begin the quest for the ultimate deal while at the same time you're living healthy, green lives. On my blog, you'll see posts for awesome deals and steals, freebies, coupons, tips, and useful links to other sites. Let me start off with some of the best useful tips I've found below in the next few posts!
BTW: I'm looking for businesses and individuals who are willing to host giveaways!

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