Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wannabe Wine Lovers Wednesday

Christmas is just around the corner...literally and it got me thinking, I haven't selected any wine to bring with me to the dinners we will be attending. Since wine can be costly in more than one way (remember the time you spent $20 on that wine that was hard to swallow?) I thought I'd start a tradition here at Cheapskate Life on Wednesdays and review some wine that is easy on the palette and on your wallet!

One of my favorites, and a lot of others' too, is this sweet and tangy Riesling from Columbia Crest. It complements a variety of dishes, such as ham, and sweet chicken. Price usually runs around $5.00-$8.00.
If you're looking for a red, might I suggest Yellow Tail's Merlot? With a deep, but not too deep cherry and grape flavor that only gets better with each sip. Made in Australia, you can get this wine for around $7.00. Pair it with beef, heartly cheeses, like swiss, grueyer, meunster, monterey jack, and aged cheddar.

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