Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baking Bread and Pie

Last night, while preparing some apples given to me by a gracious friend for apple crisp and apple pie filling, I realized that I should really be baking at least one thing per day. I know I'll need to get up earlier in the morning, but I think it'll be worth it. Today, I'm going to bake some bread and prepare pie crust. Tomorrow, I'm going to bake some granola bars or bagels. I thought things like this would be hard to do, but I found recipes for each, and they look pretty simple enough to do. The fact that baking my families food from scratch has some perks, too. I know what's in it. No chemicals or preservatives. They're healthier too! Baking can also create family time. Last night my son helped me core and slice all of the apples while I peeled. Since I don't own a countertop peeler, his help made the time slip right on by. I used the time to teach him a little about cooking and talk to him about some things we needed to catch up on. Since today's a day off for him, I'm sure he and my 3 year old will be helping with the bread too!

This book looks like a great book to own if you're planning on baking your own bread. It has tips, recipes, etc designed to help. I noticed it is 51% off right now!

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