Thursday, November 18, 2010


As the holidays approach, I worry that our family won't have enough money this year to meet the demands of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have had a hard time adjusting to me not working this year. Eventually, we will fall into a good groove and be able to adjust to it. But, what worries me a lot too, is that there are other families that have it 100 times harder than our family. I am eternally grateful that my husband has a good job and that we have a roof over our heads and that I have the skills to save tons of money and keep food on the table every day. So, I encourage you to participate in the many food drives you will be asked to participate in, volunteer your time to wrap presents or deliver food baskets, or help cook meals at your church for the needy. Helping doesn't always mean giving money away. Sometimes it just means giving someone an ear to talk into. Donate used coats and go through your kids' toy bins and donate what they no longer play with or want to places gathering things like that. Some places will accept gently used or new toys and books. It is also a great way to teach your children community service. Let us not forget others this year. Helping others in your community is a reward in itself!

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