Sunday, December 5, 2010

Charity You CAN Do!

With the Holidays just a few weeks away, money gets tight in most households around this time of the year, but there are still opportunities available for you and your family that can enrich someone else's life. And they don't even cost anything! To teach your children the value of giving and not receiving, choose activities that they can help with too.
Here are some wonderful ways to show your love of humanity:
These websites have lots of ideas for giving - and
Check out for several ways to donate gifts, care packages, and more!
Find your local pet shelter at and donate your time, pet food, treats, etc.
Some other ways to donate your time and talents:
Fill stockings, tins, or baskets with homemade cookies and candy, then visit an elderly neighbor or nursing home to bring joy to someone!
Collect all of those blankets you never use and donate them to a local shelter.
Volunteer your time in a soup kitchen. Lots of churches in small towns need help making meals.
Volunteer your time in your local food shelter. Find one here:
When women leave an abusive home, they often leave with nothing but the clothes on their back. They are often jobless, because of their previous situation too, so donations of professional clothing for job-hunting is needed. Often, their children too, don't have any clothing to wear either. Find a local women's shelter in your community and donate your gently used clothing, appliances, decor, cell phones, and furniture.
Really, the possibilities are endless! Use some of that brain power and a little creativity, and your family will  find that there is a lot of fun to be had from these experiences!
Post your genius ideas here and share how your family has helped out in your community for the holidays!

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