Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Coupon Show on TLC: Extreme Couponing

Mr. Coupon from We Use Coupons will be a guest on TLC's Extreme Couponing tomorrow at 5pm Pacific time. The preview they gave me is this:
I built something that was about 15 feet tall!!  They filmed it's creation and it was almost entirely donated to local foodbanks!  TLC also filmed our the giving aspect of couponing!!  During this episode we donated around $6000-$7000 in product to a fantastic pantry!!!  (we share this not to brag, but to lead by example, giving is such an amazing aspect of couponing!!!)"
You can also access a bunch of videos on their Youtube channel by clicking on the Frugal TV banner underneath my blog's title page. These videos are great for couponers to learn from. Don't forget to catch this show tomorrow! If you like this post and want more like it or the others I have written, make sure you subcribe to my emails! The links are easy to find, just look for the white box and enter your email after joining through Networked Blogs or Google Friend!


  1. It was interesting watching that show tonight! Fun to be with you, and learn more about couponing. I don't think I could be that extreme,but there are many aspects of couponing that are quickly becoming more apparent to me.

  2. This show was pretty good! I hope that TLC will feature more couponers in the future! I loved the Krazy Coupon Lady in her segment! She is one of my favorite bloggers since she is more realistic than at least one of the couponers featured. I'm glad ya liked it! What did everyone else think?


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