Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Fun Things To Do

Walmart Stores Sampling Event (yes, even in Hermiston!)
Home Depot Classes
Do-It-Herself: Interior Painting Made Easy
Tile: The Right Looks and Tools for the job
Bath Makeover: Redo and Renew your bath for less
Closet and Storage Solutions
Replacing and Refinishing Cabinets
Trac Center, Tri-Cities
Sportsmen Show January 21-23
Family Expo January 22-23

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!


  1. My kids and I love the sampling events at the stores- they love Sam's for the samples. The classes at Home Depot and Lowes are great too, I love their workshops for kids.

  2. I'm not from your area but I will have to check our local lowes to see what kind of workshops they offer


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