Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip Day

I thought is would be nice to have a weekly tips post with short, easy tips from everything like teaching a kid to tie shoes to how to peel an egg! For this, you can contribute too! Here are the rules: Just make your tip relevant to the weekly topic. So, if the weekly topic is baking tips, your tip needs to be about baking. Also, if you host a website or blog that has tips, feel welcome to include your url address in your comment. PLEASE no spamming! I will remove comments that are spam, including ones that have weird websites that are only intended for one to make money off of. So...let's start tipping!

This week's topic is....drum roll.....cooking tips!
Image from Dreamstime

Peeling an egg can be time consuming and downright hair pulling and frustrating! My husband's best friend gave me a great tip one day on peeling eggs when he was visiting us. Just add some oil (I add about 2 TBSP) to the water and while they are boiling, the oil will get under the shell. Dip them in a bowl or sink full of ice water so that the egg will shrink inside (heat causes it to expand). Then when you peel the egg, she shell just slides right off after you crack it!

One of the problems I have in the kitchen is converting measurements. The last thing I need when I'm baking is to be guessing if I'm converting correctly or not (baking is NOT my forte). Here's a great conversion chart you can print out and keep on your frig!

One thing I do when I'm making a new recipe is gather all of the measuring cups and spoons I'll need beforehand. That way if I have sticky hands, I don't get gunk all over my drawers and other utensils while looking for the right size.

If you run out of eggs for a recipe, you could substitute 2 tbsp of mayonnaise.
Speaking of substitutions: Here's a great substitution chart.

Now it's your turn! Which tips have gotten you through some problems in your cooking life? PLEASE!! Add to the list! We'd love to hear from you! Were any of these tips helpful?

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