Thursday, January 6, 2011

Safeway Deals until January 11th!

Frugal Living NW has listed some pretty good deals at Safeway right now, like
Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 5 for free after coupons and catalina.
Nature Valley granola bars, 5 for $1.85 after coupons and catalina
Coffee-Mate Creamer
Honey Nut Cheerios
Oscar Mayer Lunchables
Frigo String Cheese
Gorton's Grilled Fillets

In addition to the deals Frugal Living NW has listed, I found some others worth mentioning:
In Tuesday's paper, there is an in-Ad coupon for milk @$1.59, limit of 2. Also in that paper are SW Select bread $.99 each, and 8-lb. bag of sweet navel oranges for 3.99! Don't forget to clip the $10/50 purchase coupon! I like to use this on produce and meat, which I will probably be doing this week! There are deals for BOGO meat this week!

Charmin 24 roll packs are $9.99 wyb2
use $3.00 ecoupon from PGesaver
use $3.00 ecoupon from Safeway
Total oop is $13.99 for both packs! I just wish that I could stack a paper coupon with it! But remember, Safeway no longer allows this.

Fancy Feast canned cat food, $.60 each (10/$6.00)
Buy 2 and use insert RP 11/14 BOGO coupon (Appetizers)
Use 1 Doubler,
Total oop is $.05 each!
This is a great way to stock up is the price applies to the Appetizers.

If the price doesn't apply to the appetizers, there is still a great deal on the Gravy Lovers, which I know are definitely $.60 each.
Buy 6 at .60 each
use2  Internet Printables @.65/3
total oop before doubles is $2.30
if the IP can be doubled, total oop is $1.30, or .26 each!!
There is also a coupon for B3G1 in RP10/10, which after doubling, makes these .35 each!!

Scoop Away Litter with in-ad Q $6.99
Fresh Step Litter with in-ad Q $6.99
There are 2 Safeway ecoupons for $3.50 each, one is for the Scoop Away and the other is for the Fresh Step. Add these to your card, and when you check out, the litter is only $3.49 each!

Smart Balance buttery spread $1.99 with in-ad Q

This is not the best deal ever, but worth mentioning since the Ducks are playing in the BCS Championship Game on Monday night and we plan to have  a fun food night. They are way cheaper than delivery and just as yummy!
Tombstone frozen pizza $2.50, I couldn't find any coupons available (do you know of any?)

Lucerne shredded or Chunk Cheese, medium, 32 oz. $3.99

Has anyone tried the Cara Cara Navel Oranges? I'm not sure if this is a good price, but they are $1.49 lb. Maybe this is a seasonal offer?
Limes 4/$1
Lemons 2/$1
Braeburn Apples .99/lb

TransOcean Crab Classic 12 oz. BOGO @4.49 each
use 2 Internet Printables $1.00/1 and 2 Doubles
Total OOP is $1.49 for 2!! Then use these in the recipe on the page listed on my Menu Plan Monday!

Dannon Activia, 4 pack is $1.88, and some were on clearance for 50% off! This would make them .39 each with this internet printable or a money maker if it can be doubled!! Even if you don't get the clearanced ones (which are fine if used quickly), they are only .83 each!

Yoplait Splitz, $1.99 and again, some were on clearance for 50% off!
Use .50/1 GM 1/2 and double it to make these .99 each or free if you're buying the clearanced ones!

Yoplait cups $.50 each, buy 6
Use .40/6 Internet Printable

Breakfast Bonanza! 4/$10
Kellogg's Special K $2.50
use this Facebook coupon $1.00/1
$1.50, or $1.00 if it can be doubled.

Snack Artist Cheese Snacks, Potato Chips, and Tortilla Chips $1.99
If you haven't tried these yet, they're very yummy!

Vitamin Water $1.00 each
use this Facebook coupon for bogo,
and if you have any of the catalinas, $1.00/2, or $.75/1, this is an even sweeter deal. I used my printables a while ago, and can't remember I doubled it, but I think I did. With the cats and the printable, this would be a money maker!

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Happy Shopping!!

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