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Rite Aid Deals 1/9 - 1/15

Rite Aid can be confusing when first learning how to use their system, but it is worth paying attention to!
First, there's the matter of the +UPS rewards.
This is a monetary reward that prints out on the bottom of your receipt after you've paid for purchases. Not everything you buy will get you a +UPS reward, only the items advertised will get you the reward. You can then tear or cut the rewards off of your receipt and use them towards future transactions. Normally, the limits are stated in the advertisement, but sometimes they are not, which may or may not be a store or corporate issue. I suggest bringing it to the cashiers attention so you can get your reward.

Next, you need to learn about Single Check Rebates. This is a reward received in the form of a check. You purchase items that are advertised for a Single Check Rebate, enter it in the system, either online or by mail, and at the end of the advertised month, request your check, which will be mailed to you. SCR's are only available during the time they are offered.

Video Values
This is a program in which you watch videos (15 seconds - 3 minutes for most). After you watch the videos, you will get a credit or coupon value that you can then print. These coupons are awesome, since they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. At the end of each advertising month, new coupons come out, and the old offers go away, so it is wise to watch all of them. Once you've watched them, the offer is saved and you can print the coupon as long as its not expired. There is usually a coupon that can be printed after watching so many videos, usually 20, but this month you can earn a coupon for $4/$20 purchase by watching all of the videos under the "Beauty" tab, which is only around 14 videos. There are also videos for $1 under the "Special Offers" tab that can be combined with the Rite Aid coupons and total purchase coupons.

Wellness Rewards
In order to get the best price, you need to sign up for Wellness Rewards. This can be done either online or at the store. There is a point system that allows you to earn points based on how much you've spent. I think its one point/dollar, but not sure, and not sure if these are accrued before coupons or not (I think they're before coupons are deducted). Once you've hit particular thresholds, you earn shopping passes and discounts. This is a must-have if you are going to shop at Rite Aid, because most, if not all, of their advertised prices are only valid with your Wellness account. Rite Aid will also send you special offers by email that are available to members only. There are other perks too! Get familiar with the program when you sign up just in case I missed something!

Resolution Rewards, these items are marked in the list with an *.
Each week that you spend $100 on certain items, you get a $20 reward. The amount you've spent is shown at the bottom of your receipt so you can easily keep track of how much you've spent. I'm not sure when these end, since while I'm writing this post, Rite Aid's website won't open up, but I'll post as soon as I get in!

Official Rite Aid Coupon Policy
The last thing you need to know is that it is wise to keep their policy with you when you shop. That way, if their are discrepancies, you can back your position up with the facts. Read through the one page document thoroughly so that you're familiar with all of their policies.

So...with much are this week's deals!
See the AD scan HERE! (Thanks I Heart Rite Aid!)

Best of Beauty +UPS Promo
Spend $25 on participating product and earn a $10 +UP!! Plus buy of these items and print a rebate form for a full-size Aveeno product from SmartSource (Check the offer when you print your offers and it will print with your checked coupons).

Aveeno Hair Care $5.99
Use $1.50/1 IP (SmartSource)
$4.49 oop
Get $1 +UP
Like paying $3.49 after reward!

Clean & Clear Products $5.49 and up
Use $1/1 IP (SmartSource) and 
Use $1/1 in-ad Q
As low as $3.49

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 2.5 oz $3.49 or 8 oz $7.49
Use $1/1 IP (SmartSource) and 
Use $1/1 in-ad Q
As low as $1.49

Lubriderm 16 oz $7.99
Use $1.50/1 IP (SmartSource) and
Use $1/1 in-ad Q
$5.49 oop

Neutrogena Cosmetics, starting Online at $6.99
use $3/1 All You December 2010 and 
Use $2/1 in-ad Q
As low as $1.99

Deal Scenario (Thanks The Beautiful Frugal Life)
(2) Aveeno Hair Care $5.99 each
(1) Clean & Clear $5.49
(1) Lubriderm $7.99

Subtotal: $25.46
Use $4/$20 Purchase VV and
Use (2) $1.50/1 Aveeno Hair Care IP (SmartSource) and 
Use $1/1 Clean & Clear IP

Pay OOP: $13.96
Get (2) $1 +UPs
Get $10 +UP Best of Beauty
Submit receipt for full-size Aveeno Rebate (SmartSource)

Like paying $1.96 for 5 items or $.39 each!!
Note: If you are using your Wellness Discount(a discount you receive after you've met your points), you will need to buy 1 more item to put it over $25.

Single Check Rebates
Blink Tears, 15 mL $7.99
Use $1/1 from SS 1/2
$6.99 oop,
Get $7.99 SCR
FREE + $1 Money Maker after reward!!

Benefiber $9.99
Use $2/1 from SS 1/9 and
Use $1/1 VV
$6.99 oop,
Get $3.00 SCR
$3.99 after reward!

Burt's Bees Hand and Body Lotion, 6 oz. $7.99
Use $1/1 SS 11/7
$6.99 oop,
Get $1.00 SCR
$5.99 after reward!

Brita Classic Pitcher, 3 pack replacement filter, or faucet mount replacement filter $14.99
Use $4/1 Brita Pitcher SS 12/12
$10.99 oop
Get $3.00 SCR
$7.99 after reward!

+UP Rewards
Stayfree Maxi Pads 14-24 ct. 2/$5.00
Buy 2
$2.50 oop
Get $2 +UP wyb 2
Like a $.50 MM after reward!

o.b. Tampons 18 ct 2/$5.00
Buy 2
Use (2) $1/1 IP
$3.00 oop
Get $2 +UP wyb2
Like paying $.50 each after reward!

* Breath Right Nasal Strips 10 ct. $3.99
Use $2/1 8-30 ct. VV
$1.99 oop
Get $1 +UP
Like paying $.99 after reward!

Boost Nutritional Drinks 6 pack 2/$12
buy 2
Use (2) $3/1 SS 1/2
$6.00 oop
Get $2 +UP wyb 2
Like paying $2.00 each after reward!

Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10 pack
Quaker Chewy Bars 10 ct.
Buy 2
Use (2) $1/1 RP 1/2
$3.00 oop
Get $2 +UP wyb 2
Like paying $.50 each after reward!

* Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows 2/$2
$2.00 oop
Get $1 +UP wyb 2
Like paying $.50 each after reward!

* Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets BOGO @ $7.99 each
Buy 2
Use (2) $1/1 IP
$5.99 oop
Get $1 +UP wyb 2
Like paying $2.49 each after reward!

Pillow Pets $19.99
Get $3 +UP
Like paying $16.99 after reward!

Other Deals
Garnier Herbashine Hari Color $5.99
Use $3/1 SS 1/9 and
Use $1/1 VV
$1.99 oop

Kleenex white 85 or 200 ct, assorted 100 or 184 ct
Antiviral 75 ct
BOGO @ $2.49 each
Buy 4
Use $.50/3 IP (Coupons) or $.50/3 SS 1/2
Use $1/1 75-200 ct VV
$.87 each

* Finish Gel Pacs or Powerball Detergent 20 ct BOGO @$6.49 each
Buy 2
Use (2) $2.25/1 SS 1/2
$.99 each

* Ziploc Storage Bags 10-50 ct
   Containers 3-4 ct $2.00
Buy 2
Use $1/2 Ziploc bags SS 1/2 or
$1/50/2 Containers IP (Coupons)or
$1.50/2 Containers SS 1/2
As low as $1.25 wyb 2

* Special K Cereal BOGO (prices vary)
Buy 2
Use FREE Original or Multigrain Oats & Honey wyb Any Special K Cereal IP
Get $2 +UP wyb 2 (Unadvertised, but confirmed on other blogs)
Like a $2 Money Maker!!

* M & Ms Valentine Bagged Candy 9.5 -12.6 oz. $2.22
buy 2
Use $1/2 IP
$1.72 each wyb 2

I  only highlighted the best deals from the ad. For a complete list, go to I Heart Rite Aid.

Living frugally and helping you live frugally!

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